Sunday, September 09, 2007


After nearly ten years of marriage, we finally took our first family vacation (excepting trips to spend the holidays with family). We thoroughly enjoyed our MUCH needed week in Rodanthe, North Carolina (Hatteras Island- Outer Banks). Hopefully these pictures will convey a little of that.

Boy At The Beach...

If we had to describe our boy with a single word...BUSY! At home we tend to rely on "menace" as the accurate descriptor. At the beach - well, lyrics from an eighties song come to mind:

"Ain't nothing gonna break my stride. Ain't nothing going to slow me down. Oh no, I've got to keep on moving."

That's our boy.

Girl At The Beach...
We would not endeavor to describe the mental and emotional complexities of our girl with a single word. However, when water is involved (be it a pool, lake, sprinkler, slip-n-slide, etc.) she is easily summed up in a single word...FISH. We expected her first trip to the ocean (excluding a couple day trips when she was very young) would give her reason to pause. Nope. Equipped only with a $2.00 swim ring, she relentlessly plunged into the waves. It was a body surfing extravaganza!

Babe At The Beach x2
One cutie, one hottie!