Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Memorializing Priceless Moments.....

In an effort to preserve some of the truly priceless statements made by our children, we have decided to begin memorializing them here.

From our 2-1/2 year old boy:
- Last night during dinner he began requesting cereal instead of his pizza. "I want cocoa cuffs, cocoa cuffs [then in Yuletide song] cocoa all the way!".
- When asked "Why aren't you eating your pizza? Do you not like the green peppers?" He replied "No, they're little bit sgusting."
- Recently we were setting up a cold air humidifier for S (at her request). Our boy's advise to his big sister: "Don't worry bout the Q-Fire S, Just BE CAREFUL."
- Some of his favorite foods are "Chicken Ladas" and "Sketti". He also really likes dill "tickles".

Our girl, now 6-1/2:
- Still occasionally puts her dirty clothes in the hampster; and always tries to do what she is asposed to do.
- (This took place almost 3 years ago, but definitely is deserving of recordation.) When A's mother was suffering in the latter stages of ALS, she was going in for surgery to have a feeding tube inserted. Because of the severity of her condition, the doctors feared that she would not survive the surgery. If she did survive, she would likely lose her ability to breathe independently and never be taken off of the ventilator. S listened intently to A's emotional and tearful telephone conversation with her sister regarding the situation. At the end of the phone conversation, S (now sobbing herself) asked: "Why won't grandma ever be able to get off the elevator?!" Immediately after the words left her mouth, she knew "elevator" was not the right word and she and A both burst into laughter.