Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 SWIM SEASON (Part One)

This has been a wild swim season. Several meets were delayed for lightning, meaning that sometimes S's last event did not conclude until after 10:00 PM. We learned just how hardcore swim team can be as we sat in the rain for 3.5 hours with umbrellas and ponchos waiting for S's next event. Despite swimming in the rain, and a "disgusting" saltwater pool, she managed a couple of personal records at that meet.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the few good-weather meets we enjoyed this year:

Pre-race preparation (We'd love to know what she's really thinking):

A quick break in the psyching-up process to smile for the camera:

Ready, Set, Go!

And here she is nearly stopping to smile for the camera. "I wanted to look good in the pictures." That's our girl!

Some of our favorite between-race portraits:

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Quite sometime ago our oldest son “A” got a little confused and started referring to Zucchini as bikini. We of course worked to correct that, but he still slips up from time to time. Tonight we began to wonder if there was really any confusion left at all. I don’t know if you can really appreciate the ‘flavor’ of this dialogue without being there, laughing hysterically and wondering whether he was really talking about Zucchini or bikinis.

A: “Hot dogs and bikinis for dinner?! Woo-hoo!”

Mr. P: “It’s Zucchini, not bikini.”

A: “We’re not having bikinis for dinner?”

Mrs. P: “Do you know what a bikini is?”

A: (After some careful reflection) “Uh, swimming suits for girls?”

Mrs. P: “What kind of swimming suits?”

A: “What kind?”

Mrs. P: “one or two piece swimming suits?”

A: “Two piece that show your belly.”

Mrs. P: “That’s right.”

A: “But we could still have bikinis for dessert!”

S: “You can’t eat bathing suits for dessert!”

A: “Not for dessert, for DINNER!”

S: “You can’t eat any kind of bathing suits for dinner or dessert, unless it were made out of candy.”

A: “Yes! We could have candy bikinis for dessert.”

S: “Or, maybe chocolate bikinis made out of the same chocolate that they make the little Easter bunnies out of.”

The edible bikini conversation went on a little longer than above, but by that point we were laughing too hard to process the entirety of the dialogue between A and S. There is nothing like having your 4 and 8 year old children discussing edible swimwear at the dinner table.