Saturday, September 13, 2008


While visiting with a friend from out-of-town (the author of Rees Genre), we were asked when she could expect to see a family gallery here on the blog. Well, here we go.

I thought I would begin with the newest member of our family. For those of you who have not met our newest addition, allow me to introduce…..



Is that not the coolest computer case you’ve ever seen? Mrs. P loves the spoiler.

After seven years of faithful service to our family, we finally had to replace our old PC. Over the past few years, Mrs. P and I have built nearly a dozen computers for friends and family (including four for my office). The Antec P182 is the most interesting case I have ever worked with. Designed to maximize cooling and minimize noise, the case has an entirely unique design. While functioning extremely well, isolating the PSU in a lower chamber makes for some tricky cable management. Ultimately, we ended up with this beautiful build:


Just look at that baby gleaming in the morning sunlight!

(I did have a little difficulty getting the tripod to stand level in the grass)

Almost majestic, no?


kto1s said...

I am sending Casey to your blog the next second I get. He will be so impressed and may just have to follow suit. On second thought, maybe I WON'T be sending him your way...:)

House Of P said...

The last two posts really make us feel pretty cool. From a minor construction project to an exercise in technological proficiency, we really feel like a true 21st century family. :=D

Katie said...

I always thought you had beautiful and intellegent children. I think this one you will really be able to put to work (which is why we have kids, right?). Thanks for the family foto! :) Have fun with the new computer. I am jealous!

traske.melissa said...

wow...traske would sure love to get his hands on some new technology. he might have to check out your newest member.