Sunday, February 15, 2009


It has obviously been a long time since we’ve posted here. Unfortunately, posting to our family blog has been greatly impeded by the lack of liquidity in the global financial markets. If people would just make their mortgage payments, then our blog would be brimming with new posts.

In any event, we wanted to share a couple priceless dialogues that took place in our family today.

First, while we were on our way to church this morning, ‘A’ began with this query:

A: Does jump have two Os?
S: No. Jump is spelled J.U.M.P.
A: Oh. If our van had a button that said “Jump,” them Mommy could just push it and our van would go crazy and then it would JUMP!

Evidently he needed to know how to spell jump so he could visualize the button that Mrs. P would have to push to make the van jump.

After church, ‘S’ came into the kitchen sobbing heavily and holding her head.

Mrs. P: What happened? Did you hit your head?
S: Yes! On the power tower!
Mrs. P: How did you do that?
S: I standed up really quickly and it….!
Mrs. P: You stood up?
S: Yes! I stood up really quickly and it really hurts!
Mr. P has to turn his face away so S won’t see him laughing at Mrs. P correcting her sobbing daughter’s grammar – all the while thinking “way to get the ‘ly’ on your adverbs”.

For those of you waiting to see pictures of the new dual workstation computer desk we have been building (Grandpa P), that construction project was temporarily halted while Mrs. P (with a little help from Mr. P) installed our new dishwasher. Thanks to Grandpa N for the telephone consults!

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